Where Vision Goes Beyond Eyesight


Sophia’s Story

By on 2/6/18

“Sophia has become more conversational about her school work and self confident in her reading abilities. She felt confident with her reading improvements and joined the battle of the books club at school. Sophia does not get as tired or agitated when reading. She has increased her stamina. 

-Sophia’s mom

Dominic’s Story

By on 11/30/17

“Since vision therapy I have noticed my hand-eye coordination has improved. I am more well-rounded in general, and I am able to focus better. I also do not rely on my finger to track words when reading. I am able to comprehend material easier and copying things in school is done with much less effort than previously. One thing that has really changed is my concept of time has greatly improved. Before I could never visualize how long something would take to complete, now I can. I am also more aware of my surroundings and my spacial awareness in general is better.”


Calvin’s Story

By on 11/14/17

“I’m able to control my eye movements much better. It’s easier for me to track words when I am reading. I have also noticed that I have improved hand-eye coordination. Since completing my therapy, reading is easier for me. This has helped me overall in school. I’m more coordinated om general so that I’m better at sports and other activities.”


Leo’s Story

By on 10/24/17

“Leo has shown improvement in his self-confidence and self-esteem. He has been able to focus in class and able to read faster and easier, and his grades have improved along with his test scores. More importantly, he is more engaged in classroom activities and participates more. He has been able to read without getting as tired and it is more enjoyable to read at school. Leo often use to complain of headaches or tired eyes and would ask to have his vision checked. He has not been doing this since his therapy started.”

-Leo and his mom

Emma’s Story

By on 9/7/17

“Emma has shown gains in her balance, coordination, and confidence 10 weeks after starting vision therapy. Emma mastered riding a 2 wheeler bike. She also appears less clumsy and her gymnastics skills have improved. Emma is more willing to attempt novel play ground activities. She rarely complains of headaches. She willingly reads out loud during our bedtime routine. Emma is now reading at age level and has an easier time organizing math problems and improved handwriting. In general, Emma appears less impulsive and has an easier time sequencing daily tasks.”

-Emma’s mom

Charlie’s Story

By on 8/1/17

“Charlie is a hockey goalie and this was brought to our attention that he could not stop close pucks. An eye exam brought us to glasses, then eventually vision therapy. He was just asked to play on a AAA team!!! He also has fewer headaches with reading, less frustration with homework overall. He is better at reading, his behavior has improved, and he is more confident.”

-Charlie’s mom

Lores’ Story

By on 7/25/17

“Lores is more willing to read aloud in class now, way more confident. She is willing to try new things that require reading. Her grades have improved a lot and she seems to understand reading more. Recently on vacation she wanted a toy…. 5D and 7D games, never she would have asked for this in the past. She was able to see the game and wanted to do more.”

-Lores’ mom

 Ashley’s Story

By on 5/26/17

“When I initially came to the office,  I was experiencing double vision, vertigo, and nystagmus (repetitive uncontrolled eye movements). However, after months of therapy I have noticed major improvements! My symptoms have considerably decreased to where I seldom notice the vision discomforts anymore. I am grateful to God and Dr. Maze for this improvement and hope towards a promising and “clear” path ahead!!!”


Anne’s Story

By on 5/18/17

“She is more interested in sports and physical activities. She finishes her homework quicker and doesn’t complain of headaches while doing work, her handwriting has also improved. Anne is much happier with the way she sees things better.”

-Anne’s dad

Anand’s Story

By on 5/18/17

“Anand is more confident, especially with homework and reading. He pays attention more to homework and in class. His math work has improved. He is now getting A’s and B’s, where he was getting D’s. His reading comprehension is better. Anand’s handwriting has also improved! He can read for longer periods of time without falling asleep. 

-Anand’s mom

Jack’s Story

By on 5/19/17

“Jack has gained a better awareness of how his actions and behaviors affect those around him. He has become more confident and sure of himself, which has made him less anxious at school and at home. He has become a better listener with his friends and better with two-sided conversations. 

A much improved ability to read, focus and retain what he reads. Jack will chose to read a book now something he used to avoid at all costs. He likes going to school more and his teacher has seen improved classroom behavior and participation. 

Jack’s eye-hand coordination has greatly improved. He has gained skill and confidence in throwing, catching, and hitting moving balls and basketballs. He has a much better attitude about practicing and playing sports.”

Susan Jack’s mom

Summer and Sophia’s Story

By on 11/14/16

“Vision therapy has been tremendously beneficial for both of our daughters, who are 4th graders. Both had difficulty with sustained reading and fluency. Now reading is no longer a battle, nor painfully slow. My girls are reading above grade level with good speed and fluency. 

We have also seen gains in coordination and sports. One of our girls has become a strong contributor to her soccer team. Our other daughter is having a great time playing baseball. 

Just as remarkable is their handwriting. The girls are frequently praised for their neat print, cursive, and figures, which they had struggled with before therapy.”

Sophia and Summer’s mom